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About Us                                            

Vipra Services manages coffee vending machines across New Delhi. Equipped with the state of the art technology, our coffee vending machines take excellent care of your employee's hot beverage refreshment needs. our coffee vending machines and hot beverage vendors provide a great range of coffee options from instant coffee to brewed aromatic espresso to hot green tea with just a press of the button. We offer the largest selection of hot beverages in Delhi. Please call us for additional information on our complete Hot Beverage Vending product line.

Vipra Vending utilizes its state of the art vending systems to sell products from cold and hot beverages. Comprehensive refreshment solutions and award winning superior customer service has allowed us to become New Delhi's most admired vending company. Our flexible vending solutions and dedicated staff have revolutionized the vending experience in New Delhi for the good. As a leading Vending Service Provider, Vipra Vending supplies the vending products in accordance with the unique needs of the customer and evaluating the location and space available for our vending machines.

Vending With A Difference

Vipra Vending considers your employees' refreshment needs as paramount to our success. To provide the best vending solutions in New Delhi, we recruit and train the most skilled people, well acquainted with the latest vending technology and possessing the requisite knowledge to understand your Vending Services requirements. Thus, Vipra Vending is able to deliver the highest level of service that our clients expect and deserve.

Superior Client Service

We, at Vipra Vending, know the importance of timely stock refills and promptly addressing technical problems in vending machines. Our efficient staff is well equipped to respond quickly and efficiently to any vending service call in New Delhi 24 x 7, 365 days a year. Every employee of Vipra Vending is more than happy to serve you because we are dedicated to client service.